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Trait stripe rust infection type (0-9)

Phenotypes name stripe rust infection type (0-9)
Alternate name
Description rating of infection type in the field; 0 = No visible signs or symptoms; 1 = necrotic and/or chlorotic flecks; no sporulation; 2 = necrotic and/or chlorotic blotches or stripes; no sporulation; 3 = necrotic and/or chlorotic blotches or stripes; trace spor
TO number TO:0020054
Datatype discrete
Max pheno value 9
Min pheno value 0
Updated on 2009-08-16 15:27:56

Phenotype Categories

Phenotype Category Name
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Unit Name
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Available Datasets for this Phenotype

Year Trial Name Traits
2011 WMBT_2011_Corvallis alpha amylase,barley color,breeders grain protein,breeders plump grain,diastatic power,free amino nitrogen,grain yield,heading date (Julian),kernel weight,lodging,malt beta-glucan,malt extract,malt protein,plant height,plump grain,scald reaction type (0-9),soluble protein/ total protein,straw breakage,stripe rust infection type (0-9),test weight,thin grains,wort clarity,wort color,wort protein
2012 NSGC-Spring-Core_2012_Corvallis heading date (Julian),scald reaction type (0-9),spike length,stem length,stripe rust infection type (0-9)
2013 TCFW6-BSR_2013_Pullman_PSH-33 stripe rust infection type (0-9)
2013 TCFW6-BSR_2013_Pullman_PSH-46 stripe rust infection type (0-9)
2013 TCFW6-BSR_2013_Pullman_PSH-51 stripe rust infection type (0-9)
2013 TCFW6-BSR_2013_Pullman_PSH-71 stripe rust infection type (0-9)
2013 TCFW6-BSR_2013_Pullman_PSH-72 stripe rust infection type (0-9)

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