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Trait spot form net blotch (1-5)

Phenotypes name spot form net blotch (1-5)
Alternate name sfnb
Description sfnb seedling reaction type scale: 1) small dark pinpoint necrotic lesions; 2) pinpoint lesions with small amounts of necrosis and chlorosis surrounding the penetration point; 3) necrotic or chlorotic lesions 2-3 mm in size with little coalescence of lesions; 4) coalescing necrotic or chlorotic lesions >3 mm across; 5) necrotic or chlorotic lesions coalescing and covering greater than 70% of the leaf area.
TO number TO:0020063
Datatype numeric
Max pheno value 5
Min pheno value 1
Updated on 2012-06-06 15:37:05

Phenotype Categories

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Unit Name
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Available Datasets for this Phenotype

Year Trial Name Traits
2011 NSGC_SFNB_2011_FargoGH spot form net blotch (1-5)
2013 NSGC_SFNB_2013_NDSU_DEN2.6 spot form net blotch (1-5)
2013 NSGC_SFNB_2013_NDSU_FgoB10Ptm1 spot form net blotch (1-5)
2013 NSGC_SFNB_2013_NDSU_NZKF2 spot form net blotch (1-5)
2013 NSGC_SFNB_2013_NDSU_SG1 spot form net blotch (1-5)
2014 SFNB2_FGOB10ptm1_2014_Fargo spot form net blotch (1-5)
2014 SFNB2_ID220_2014_Fargo spot form net blotch (1-5)
2014 SFNB2_PA14_2014_Fargo spot form net blotch (1-5)
2014 SFNB6_FGOB10ptm1_2014_Fargo spot form net blotch (1-5)
2014 SFNB6_ID220_2014_Fargo spot form net blotch (1-5)
2014 SFNB6_PA14_2014_Fargo spot form net blotch (1-5)

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