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Trait lemma and palea color

Phenotypes name lemma and palea color
Alternate name hull color
Description Color of mature palea and lemma (hull); 1 = Black, 0 = Non-Black
TO number TO:0000264
Datatype text
Max pheno value 1
Min pheno value 0
Updated on 2016-04-19 11:55:57

Phenotype Categories

Phenotype Category Name
Morphological View


Unit Name
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Available Datasets for this Phenotype

Year Trial Name Traits
2012 WBIP_2012_Crookston breeders grain protein,glossy sheath,glossy spike,grain yield,heading date,lemma and palea color,plant height,spike angle,spikes per area
2012 WBIP_2012_StPaul breeders grain protein,grain yield,heading date,lemma and palea color,plant height,spikes per area

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