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Trait leaf width

Phenotypes name leaf width
Alternate name LFWDTH
Description The mean width at the widest point of the second leaf below the flag leaf on the tallest shoot of all plants
TO number
Datatype continuous
Max pheno value 50
Min pheno value 0
Updated on 2019-10-22 06:21:47

Phenotype Categories

Phenotype Category Name
Agronomic View


Unit Name
centimeter View

Available Datasets for this Phenotype

Year Trial Name Traits
2015 UMN_NSGC_GWAS_2015 heading date,kernel weight,kernels per spike,leaf width,lodging degree,non-productive tillers per plant,plant height,productive tillers per plant,stem diameter,tillers per plant Max,tillers per plant T2,tillers per plant T3,tillers per plant T4,tillers per plant T5,tillers per plant T6,tillers per plant T7

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