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Trait FHB reaction type (0-5)

Phenotypes name FHB reaction type (0-5)
Alternate name FHB reaction type
Description 0: no infection; 1: incidence low, up to 5% of spikes; severity low, 1 or 2 kernels per spike affected (up to 7% of head); 2: incidence low to moderate, 5 to 15% of spikes infected; severity low to moderate, 1 to 4 kernels (up to 15% of head); 3: incidence moderate, 15 to 30% of heads; severity moderate, 2 to 8 kernels (up to 25% of head); 4: incidence moderate to high, 30 to 50% of spikes infected; severity moderate to high, 4 to 12 kernels (up to 40% of head); 5: incidence high, 50% or more spikes affected; severity high, 5 to 15+ kernels (up to 50%+ of head diseased)
TO number TO:0000662
Datatype numeric
Max pheno value 5
Min pheno value 0
Updated on 2016-02-12 20:29:12

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Available Datasets for this Phenotype

Year Trial Name Traits
2016 SPY1_FHB_2016_Crookston DON,FHB reaction type (0-5)

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