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Database Directory

  • T3 Wheat
    Receives curated, stable data from the Curator. Wheat color scheme. Wheat line submission script and property tables.
  • T3 Barley
    Different color scheme, line submission script and property tables relative to wheat. Same data management.
  • T3/Oat
    Wheat colors, line submission script and property tables. For the Oat Global project.
  • T3 Wheat, Sandbox
    Is reset daily from T3 Wheat. Any registered user can modify data at will to test upload / edit functions.
  • T3 Barley, Sandbox
    Same, gets reset from T3 Barley.
  • T3 Wheat for curation
    The Curator uses this DB to test-load incoming wheat data. Mostly synchronized with T3 Wheat.
  • T3 Barley for curation
    Same for barley.
  • Oat Chex
    Same for oat.
  • T3 Wheat, development (wheatplus)
    The programmers work on this DB when they develop new functions. Contains a hodge podge of wheat and barley data, some of it bogus.

Welcome to The Triticeae Toolbox (T3)!

T3 is the webportal for the data generated by the Triticeae Coordinated Agricultural Project (CAP), funded by the National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). T3 contains SNP, phenotypic, and pedigree data from wheat and barley germplasm in the Triticeae CAP. The purpose is to integrate rapidly expanding DNA marker and sequence data with traditional phenotypic data to provide access to predictive analyses mapping genotype to phenotype and enabling breeders to select on marker data alone. T3 will also link to related genomic and crop diversity databases (GrainGenes, Gramene, PLEXdb, and GRIN) for functional analyses to identify causal polymorphisms and networks affecting phenotypes.

The software and data structure for T3 were developed as part of the Barley CAP project for its database, The Hordeum Toolbox (THT).